After X’s free Tampa show was cancelled, police broke up the crowd of rioting fans outside the venue

Tampa, FL – A free XXXTENTACION concert was canceled on Saturday night (September 2) after too many fans turned up at the show’s venue in Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports.​..​

​A free XXXTentacion concert was cancelled due to a “crowd that reportedly approached 1,000” that gathered outside the 725-capacity venue, reports The Tampa Bay Times. The show’s promoters, Dope Entertainment, announced the cancellation on Twitter, explaining that the fire department has deemed it “a safety hazard.”

The concert was scheduled to go down at The Orpheum — a 750-person-capacity venue in Ybor City, Tampa. But large crowds of fans reportedly flooded the surrounding streets in an attempt to watch the controversial 19-year-old musician perform.

Police arrived on the scene to break up the large crowd of people who were flooding the streets and chanting, “We want X!” Watch fan footage of the scene below. Several fans at the event also alleged that they were tear gassed by the police. In response, Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty told The Tampa Bay Times, “I can’t tell you what the officers were carrying… but there were no injuries, no transports and no arrests.”

Ahead of when the concert was scheduled to start, the show’s promoter, Dope Entertainment, announced the cancellation via Twitter, revealing that the local fire department had deemed the concert a safety hazard.

The cancelled show follows several controversies from previous XXXTentacion concerts. Earlier this year, a brawl broke out after X was attacked while performing. A stabbing also took place. He later postponed the remaining dates of his tour, saying that he was “disappearing for a while.”

Following the show’s cancellation, X reportedly took to Instagram to address the situation. The posts have since been deleted.

“Tampa, my deepest apologies, I drove all the way down here, I drove four hours just to basically have the show canceled on me,” he said in a series of Instagram posts, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “Apparently because it was over capacity, there was at least 3,000 to 4,000 of you outside, and . . . the venue only could support 750. As far as the new free show, I’m going to try to and get a free show going, but that was the only venue that wanted to work with me, but you just bear with me, I’m going to try to work this out. For now the show is canceled, not due to my choice, it was just the venue, and the fire marshal said we could not do the show, so the show is canceled … my deepest apologies.”

This isn’t the first time an XXXTENTACION concert has ended in controversy. In early June, X was jumped and knocked out on stage in San Diego. A few weeks later, he was scheduled to play in Chicago but the show was canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances” but fans still went wild outside the venue.