An Instagram user that described himself as the “Son of Dr. Dre,” and boasted nearly half a million followers has been called out as phony by Dr. Dre himself.

On Wednesday (November 1), the super producer informed his followers that he was in no way related to the verified user, who went by the name @jetpacknyc.

“This person is claiming to be the son of Dr. Dre. He is not. He is a complete fake. There is no relation,” Dr. Dre wrote in the caption to a screen-captured photo of the @jetpacknyc account. The screenshot also shows pictures featuring DJ Khaled and Tyga.

As of Friday (November 3), the account appeared to have been deactivated, and later reactivated. It is no longer verified and no longer mentions Dr. Dre in the bio.

Dr. Dre has six biological children, none of which appear to go by the name Lou G.